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    Customized 500 Bicycle Bar Tapes - Summit MG Scope

    $7,000.00 $7,000.00
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    The client 'Summit MG' has submitted a scope for customized bar tapes as per the following requirements:

    1. The customized graphic of the bar tape as below
        Full file can be downloaded here.


    2. The customized graphic of the end plug as below


    3. The color scheme to follow this requirement

    'Hygporium', here as the supplier, will comply with the requirements set out above by the client, and shall supply:

    1. 500 boxes of bar tapes at the cost of $14 USD per box, which totals to $7,000 USD (including shipping to Client's designated address).

    2. Each box containing 2 bar tapes of 2.15m length each, 2 end plugs, (and bonus of 2 finishing tapes)

    To deliver the goods to the Client's designated address by end of September deadline.

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