Car Shirt - More Gs than a space shuttle
Car Shirt - More Gs than a space shuttle
Car Shirt - More Gs than a space shuttle
Car Shirt - More Gs than a space shuttle
Car Shirt - More Gs than a space shuttle
Car Shirt - More Gs than a space shuttle

Car Shirt - More Gs than a space shuttle

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The avid Formula 1 enthusiast would know the meaning of this car shirt. That is the fact that Formula 1 car driver would experience G-forces that are bigger than a space shuttle launch as the Formula 1 car zips about the race track. The G-forces that come from the sudden deceleration towards a curve and the acceleration out of the curve coupled with the lateral centrifugal force of changing a direction can be up to 6G! (That is like experience gravity 6 times the normal gravity or like if you are experiencing 6 times your normal body weight). Now compared to a space shuttle launch, astronauts only experience a maximum force of 3G. Which means that F1 car drivers experience 2 times the G-force that astronauts experience while also maintaining stay awake and also stay focused on driving and winning the race. Most people would literally just faint or black out from too much G-force. So in order to celebrate this fact, this car shirt was made which is perfect for all the F1 enthusiast out there. Wear it proud.


  • A unisex shirt which fits both guys and girls, and a well-loved favorite. Guys, you know that your girlfriend or wife always borrow your shirts to go to the gym or go to sleep. Well if you don’t want to share, you can always buy two shirts. Girls, this is an ideal gift for your car enthusiast boyfriend or husband.
  • This shirt is made out of super soft cotton and excellent quality print makes one to fall in love with it over and over again. It is made out light fabric which only weighs 4.2 oz/yd²  or 142 g/m²
  • Unique original design not available in any other retail stores. This design is a Hygporium original and the team here tirelessly come up with a shirt that can support all the car enthusiast passion out there.
  • Excellent print quality – we use a carefully selected pigment ink to produce a high quality finish so that you can be satisfied of your shirt.
  • The shirt is of retail fit and runs true to the size table
  • This shirt comes in multiple sizes from Small to 2XL and also comes in different colors to suit your style.

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