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    Top 3 Reasons to Bicycle Commute

    In Hygporium, we love cycling, be it as a form of leisurely exercise or our main mode of transport. We have compiled the top 5 reasons to commute with bicycling and hopefully this article as informative as it is helpful to convince some of your friends to join the cycling movement. It’s a bit technical, but hopefully you will enjoy it. So without further ado, let’s go.

    Top 3 Reasons to commute by bicycle

    1. Save Money

    This is not a big surprise, but bicycle commuting is going to save you a tonne of money in the long term. A lot of the cost is in the upfront payment of procuring your bike and perhaps a few accessories, and maybe minor maintenance every now and then. For example:

    • Commuting by cars include costs such as gas, vehicle maintenance, and insurance. According to 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average household spend $2094 on gas alone, whilst the transportation expenditure could go up to $10,742 (largely driven by vehicle insurance spending). This equates to about $29 per day. This cost does not count the initial cost of purchasing a car and depreciating it over the life of the car. [1]
    • Commuting by bikes on the other hand, according to the 2011 research by Todd Litman, the operational cost of bike commuting gives a range of between $100 – $300 on annual operational cost. Which at the largest range only still gives less than $1 per day operational cost. [2]

     Save money by cycling

    Not including the first initial outlay of purchasing a car or a bicycle, and depreciating the cost over the life of the vehicles, we can see that commuting by bicycle will save lots of money in the long run. Additionally, in the US there is a bicycle tax commuter benefit, you can be reimbursed up to $240 each year for commuting expenses by your employer. [3]
    Whilst in the UK there is a Cycle to Work scheme that will help reimburse and spread the cost of your bicycle commuting [4]


    1. Save the Environment

    The only carbon free way to get around, no-one can really argue that bicycle commuting is beneficial for the environment compared to commuting by car. In 2014 alone, 26% of total amount of greenhouse gases is caused by transportation, which equates to about 1,786 million metric tons of greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of a whole country like Russia, and about 76.5% of that emission is from private cars alone. [4]

     Bicycle commuting

    For bicycle, you are using the stored chemical energy from your body to move around, and the greenhouse gases you’re producing is just CO2. Based on a Harvard study, biking takes around 25 kcal/km above basal metabolism, which is equivalent to .11 MJ/km. An “average American” eats 2600 kcal/day and leads to about 2.6 gCO2e/kcal, which equates to 65g of CO2 emission per km of riding.

    A typical car in the US gets 25 mpg, or 9.5L/100km, which is equivalent to 3.3 MJ/km. Using lifecycle emission from gasoline, around 3.2kg of CO2e/liter, the typical car will emit around 300g of CO2 per kilometer of driving. [5]

     So that’s a difference of almost 50 times less emission.


    1. Get Fit

    Of course, maintaining your fitness is probably another biggest factor in commuting by bicycle. Bicycle commuting promotes an active lifestyle where it gets your body moving and blood pumping. Instead of spending your time, sitting down in your car, you are moving and pedaling. This will boost your immune system, you will have 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease. As you complete this aerobic exercise, studies have found that it will improve your cognitive memory functions and allow you to improve your memory retention, reasoning and ability to plan. [6]

    Not to mention in this day and age, it will help with social distancing as you’re not travelling inside a packed train during rush hours. You get to breathe the fresh air whilst also enjoying the scenery as you commute to work.

    Get fit cycling

    Of course there are other reasons that can stop you from commuting, we can think of a few such as inclement weather, the safety of the commute route and also arriving at work looking fresh and crisp can be a challenge, especially if you sweat during the commute.

    Hence in Hygporium, we would like to help you with your cycling and commuting journey by providing you with a series of cycling accessories and gears that can support you to keep cycling. Check out our gears on offer and see how they can improve your riding experience. In Hygporium, we are for the cyclists.











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