About Us

Hi all,

Here in Hygporium, we are curating gifts for car lovers that will hopefully make your gift finding experience easier. Hygporium stands for "Helping You Gear" emporium. As car enthusiast or their friends, we know that sometimes you don’t want to give gifts that are expected, like that car wash set (again? Boring… yawn). Or maybe you lost track of how many 10mm sockets you have given to your car nut friends (time for him to get his own).

We would like to think that we are allowing car lovers to express themselves outside of just their cars, that they can express their love for cars in their wardrobe, in their office or work environment and if we can help it, in all spheres of their life.

Hence we curate gifts that can penetrate these spheres of life. Because why do people have a fascination of cars? It’s not just how the cars look, not just how powerful the cars are, they represent a tool. A tool for work, for excitement, for exploration, and for adventure. Not just a vehicle for getting from one destination to another. Cars allow people to earn a living like being a driver, be it a taxi or Uber driver or the pinnacle which is to have a career in racing like Nascar, Formula 1, Dakar Rally. The car racing is of course an aspect of exhilaration, competing against your friends or rivals on the track circuit. The smell of gasoline, the deafening roar of the engine, the excitement of the crowd, only in the environment like car racing can it stimulate your senses like no other. Of course being a tool, a car itself is a tool that should be respected. Being essentially a huge chunk of metal that is travelling at a speed faster than normal human beings can run, to respect this is to appreciate the value of what cars can do to people around them. The inertial force of a sudden stop, the centrifugal force of going around the corner, they are all parts of what make cars so great and also terrifying. As such respect for cars ability and the responsibility of us being a safe driver cannot be overlooked.

Another aspect is cars being used as a tool of exploration and adventure, the first time you are able to freely explore your town and even further reaches, going on that road trip, driving onto that secret campground in the map which is not accessible by the GPS. And finally cars being used as a tool of romance, for the first time you picked up your date, for the first time you drove her to the homecoming party, for the time that you went to the secret making-out point, heck there’s even wedding cars.

Cars empower people to be better, just as Hygporium here is in a mission to empower car lovers to look and show their passion for automobile in their everyday life. Hygporium is also in a mission to reduce the stress in finding that great gift for car enthusiast by carefully curating these gifts. So you won’t see the usual car products like the bumper converter kit, or that roof racks that you want to install on your car for a while. No, because you can easily go to any auto parts store to get those. So in line with our mission, Hygporium are curating gifts for car lovers that show their passion for cars in other areas of their life. Of course, from time to time, we will include some car gadgets that we highly recommend to be part of your car life.

We also want to empower people to give outside of occasion like Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. A gift out of the blue without any occasion will have more appreciation value. If you want to thank someone, then just do it! Give them a Hygporium gift! They will appreciate you more for it.

At Hygporium as fellow car enthusiast, our mission in curating gifts that are ideal as gifts for car lovers is our mandate. Hopefully with this website, you can find something that is suitable to be gifted to your loved ones (or yourself if you want to spoil yourself, why not?)

Because cars intersect with so many parts of our lives, Hygporium is continuously expanding our curated gift list of car themed gifts to cater to women, men, children and pets alike (if we can find them), so that you as the car enthusiast customer can simply purchase and enjoy.  

Looking forward to serving you. 

Kind regards,