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f1 gold opened car usb

Car USB - Formula 1 Cars

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Formula 1 Racing is the pinnacle of any car racing, going at over 200 mph at a given time in the race, and pulling off more G forces than a space shuttle (F1 lateral G forces are equivalent to 3.5G while a space shuttle is pulling 3G), yes nothing can be as great as a Formula 1 Racing. This Car USB memory stick is an ideal gift for car enthusiast or car lovers, especially if they're into Formula 1 Racing fan.


  • Coming at different capacity 32GB, 64GB and 128GB
  • Writing Speed transfer of 3MB/S – 10MB/S. 2 different color (Gold or Silver).

Please note that the USB is compatible for up to 2.0 USB ports and the actual capacity as below

  • 16GB   = approximately 14.2GB - 15.8GB
  • 32GB   = approximately 28.2GB - 30GB
  • 64GB   = approximately 58GB - 60GB

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