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I always had a fascination with cars. It probably started when I was young, my father will always give me one hot-wheels car every two weeks. After a long time before you know it, I have amassed a bucket load of hot-wheels cars, probably about more than 100 cars. Of course as I was growing up, I eventually had to give them up, gave them all to a local charity where I hoped that they all went to the hands of little young boys and girls who would be mesmerized by them as I did when I was a child.

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Back then my mother also had acquired an old 1960’s Holden car (an Australian car if you have never heard it in the States) and it was a real beauty as it was kept meticulously by the previous owner. Unfortunately this was my memory back in the early 1990’s and I cannot recall which model it was, as I was still relatively young. But I did recall the leather seats, the springs on those seats, the time when we go over the speed bumps and see our butts lift off the seats. It was a happy memory that I share with my mother.

Of course, it was not until several year later, well a bit over a decade later that I am exposed to cars again. Which is the time where I had to get my license and learn how to drive. The first time I received my license and able to drive a car was one of the happiest time of my memory. Of course some part of it was attributed to more than the car itself. It stems from the fact that it was my first ultimate tool for freedom. I was able to go and explore my city, hang out with my friends, go to fine beaches, commute to university to classes, giving my friends a lift. I’m sure the car lovers reading this blog will share my sentiment as car is a great a tool for socializing too. Heck, I still remember the car I used as a place of privacy, where I would take out my girlfriend then and we will just make-out at a secluded place.

Of course, back then I took my car for granted and I did not know what my car had endured. Because of a busy lifestyle, I was quite lax in maintaining my car. One day my father checked the engine oil level and found that this car had been running for almost a year with no oil at all. One can wonder how the car can still survive (it was an old Toyota SUV by the way, they’re really built to last). Of course, it’s only after the car has received some TLC that the car starts to show some problems. I had 2 occurrences where as I was driving, I would smell the coolant. Two times where I had known that some part of the radiator was not working. It could’ve been the water pump, or it could have been a stuck thermostat. On those 2 occasion, I managed to bring the car to a mechanic to get it fixed. The final third occasion was the final straw for my car, the radiator broke again and I can smell the coolant. Coming home from the university late at night, I was praying for the car to survive at least just the trip to home, then I can bring it to the mechanic again. Alas this was not meant to be, straight after coming from the tunnel as I constantly keep watch of the temperature gauge, as soon as I reached the first traffic light outside the tunnel, my car just died. The tragedy, the faithful car that has provided me with so much capacity has finally given up. Subsequently, the car was towed away to the yard and the tow driver dropped me at home. The next day I learned that the car’s engine had cracked from the high temperature. This has taught me the importance of maintaining one’s own car and also more appreciation of the car’s role in our lives.

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This event in my life is what motivated me to learn more about the in and out of the car itself. And to learn how to do basic maintenance of a car, like changing oil, changing air filter, changing car tires (which I think is the basic skill for any car drivers and to also have the proper tool for it, even ladies should have this skill because it could potentially be life-saving). Anyways, that is the short story of how I became a car lover, as for this blog itself I will talk from my own story to other topics that interests me like say having your own car collection (which I think would be a dream to any car enthusiast out there). Well that’s it for the first blog post and take care! What is your story? How did you become a car enthusiast? Share with the team at Hygporium or leave a comment and subscribe to Hygporium.

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